" Every project starts with a dream, a sketch or an idea. At PlasTech our engineers work with our Customers to choose the right materials that will turn those concepts into superior products. The ingredients used in manufacturing your product are critical. Our team will work with you to choose from a variety of high quality materials to create your custom product. "

    Mark Chapman, VP Manufacturing


Rigid PVC
Strong, stiff and low cost thermoplastic material. Lightweight and durable making it ideal material for a variety of applications. An excellent choice for extrusions needing UV resistance and its inherent self extinguishing properties make it the proper choice for UL certifications as well. Cost effective solution with custom properties giving Rigid PVC its versatility. Available in FDA and NSF complaint formulations. Plastech was truly built from the ground up running Rigid and Flexible PVC.
Flexible PVC
Plastech is in a unique position with Flexible PVC as we mix our own formulations from resin to finished compounds. We can make Flexible PVC in a wide range of hardness with unlimited additives to custom blend a formulation for your SPECIFIC application, whether that is a weather stripping requiring enhanced compression set or an impact bumper requiring scratch resistance. We also have the ability to make RoHS compliant and phthalate free formulations as needed. We can also custom blend to EPA, FDA or NSF standards and requirements.
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
ABS possesses outstanding impact strength and high mechanical strength, which makes it suitable for use in tough consumer and industrial products. Excellent colorability and good melt flow strength make it a great choice for demanding interior designer type applications. This highly engineered material offers very good processability and is a cost effective solution when a custom colored and specification driven material is truly needed. Plastech has run ABS for over 20 years and this experience gives us a decided advantage when choosing this material for your application.
Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Thermoplastic Elastomers are a unique class of engineering materials combining the look, feel, and elasticity of conventional thermoset rubber with the processing efficiency of plastics. The available range of grades encompasses rubber-like properties and offer a wide range of durometers, low compression set, excellent low temperature flexibility, high impact strength and high elongation. They have the ability to be custom colored making them an excellent choice for even the most demanding appearance and cosmetic applications as well. Plastech has converted and engineered many solutions using TPEs over the years balancing performance and costs for the customer to produce the best benefit for the customer.
Polyethylene (PE)
Polyethylene is available in two grades – Low Density (flexible – LDPE) and High Density (semi-rigid – HDPE). It is available in both FDA and industrial grades. Polyethylene has very good chemical resistance and offers good processing especially in tubing and some simple shape applications.